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Program Design (Cont.)

Greetings Reader!

Updating you on my previous posts, I have just finished writing a full piece of curriculum for the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation! The lesson plans that I have written are for a career guidance and adult skills workshop series designed for recent high school graduates who have not yet decided on a college/career path. While some of the lessons are geared more towards skill development, the first two lessons on career guidance are designed entirely using theoretical frameworks that I learned here at GSE!

In designing the program, the goal that the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation gave me was to create a series of eight monthly workshops with the goal in mind that the participants in the program (recent high school graduates who also coach hockey for the foundation) over the course of a year begin to conceptualize a path for themselves. Additionally, the program is designed to give them tangible professional skills such as interviewing skills, as well as adult skills such as budgeting and financial literacy. With this broad scope, the goals of the program are to not only help the coaches visualize and achieve their life-goals, but also to help transition them from high school seniors to autonomous adults. As you may have experienced yourself, we can all appreciate the notion that reaching the legal age of adulthood and becoming an adult are very different things (some of you reading this may even be uncomfortable calling yourself an adult!). In unpacking some of these mysteries, the hope is that even if these coaches have not found their exact path over the course of a year, they will at least have the tools and knowledge necessary to eventually find their path one day. When they do find their career path, hopefully some of the other skills that the program is designed to teach them will help them finance achieving their goals while also giving them the skills to be successful at getting jobs that they want and being successful in those jobs.

We are planning to launch a condensed version of the program next month, so I hope to have some updates for the first lesson soon!


Program Design


Since my last entry, I have been charged with developing even more curricula for Snider Hockey! While I am still developing the post-graduate program, I am also developing a professional development program for new coaches who will be hired by Snider Hockey, as well as an event program.

As mentioned earlier, Snider Hockey hires alumni from its program to coach hockey. While some of these coaches do not have post-secondary plans yet (my current area of program focus), a number are currently enrolled in college and will be working part time at Snider Hockey. The organization has decided that it would be beneficial to provide these new coaches with an orientation before they work with children. While a component of this orientation will focus on the daily responsibilities of being a coach, there will also be a component on professional skills that will help them for when they move on from Snider Hockey. I have been charged with writing three workshops that focus on professionalism, preparation, and mentorship, respectively. These programs will include panel discussions, team building activities, and even a tour of the Wells Fargo Center (where the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey team plays)! The goal of this training is to teach new coaches some of the soft professional skills that are unique to Snider Hockey, as well as other skills, such as basic time management skills and personal care, skills that may be new territory to them as young adults.

I have also been assisting Snider Hockey with developing their curriculum for Willie O’Ree Day. Willie O’Ree holds the distinction of being the first African American (from Canada to be exact) to play in the National Hockey League. He is still involved with civil rights issues and one program that he has partnered with is called Hockey For All, which seeks to allow everyone to play hockey regardless of socio-economic status. This focus is an important part of Snider Hockey’s broader mission, and the organization will be hosting a day when young hockey players from all over the country will come to Philadelphia to play hockey. Additionally, a co-worker and I are developing a series of tours and activities in Philadelphia that will teach these young players about leadership. The main focus of these programs is to show the participants that leadership is not something that someone is born with, nor is it a title that is awarded to the person who is loudest or (think he/she) has all the ideas. The goal in teaching them about leadership is to underscore that the most powerful leadership traits one can possess relate to respect for others and a willingness to fill whatever role is necessary to achieve goals. It is an exciting opportunity and, needless to say, I have greatly enjoyed my internship and have been gaining more exciting opportunities every day!

All the best!