Curriculum Design


Despite being on winter break, I have been continuing my internship at the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. Being able to focus on my internship full-time, I have been able to come up with a number of interesting projects that will be very meaningful to my career development. This has included preparing a writing curriculum from scratch for a new program!

The new program in question is a post-graduate program for Snider Hockey alumni. As mentioned in previous entries, Snider Hockey offers academic support programs to students, in addition to the opportunity to play hockey at no charge. Besides helping students academically, Snider Hockey offers post-secondary counseling and helps students gain admission to colleges and find post-secondary plans. However, there are a small percentage of students who graduate from the program without having developed their post-secondary plans. Snider Hockey has decided to extend their services to these graduates by allowing them to work as hockey coaches for Snider Hockey. While these former students are working, however, they will receive guidance through workshops designed to help them determining possible career paths, as well as other adult skills like financial literacy and resume writing. Where my role comes in is that I have been charged with writing the lesson plans for these workshops! What particular excites me about this opportunity, besides the ability to gain more valuable unit planning experience, is that I have always enjoyed working with and for young adults. Knowing that something I am creating will hopefully assist these young adults in finding their way and navigating some of the other new challenges they will face after high school is indeed very empowering!

I look forward to telling you more about this as my entries go on!


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