My Work To Date

Hello Reader!

I am almost a month and a half into my internship placement at the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, and it has truly been a wonderful experience so far. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I am helping Snider Hockey with program development and evaluation. In the beginning, this involved creating program manuals for their college counselors and academic assistants. These manuals involved explaining the mission of the organization in a clear and concise manner, as well as offering resources for tutors and college counselors. Most importantly, the manuals offer insight into the different programs at Snider Hockey and how coaches, academic assistants, and college counselors can work together to maximize the total educational experience of the students at Snider Hockey.

The next phase of my internship will be to create professional development opportunities for the academic assistants and coaches at Snider Hockey. I am excited to be a part of my first staff meeting next week where we will brainstorm about different needs of the academic assistants as well as ways to create a community of practice within the organization. The prospects of this project are very because this work will allow me to find real-world applications for many of the teaching and learning theories that I am studying in my coursework at GSE. I am looking forward to filling you all in on the details of the meeting. Additionally, be sure to check for some insider information from Snider Hockey to understand more about the organization so as to understand where my work fits into it!

-James Otwell


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