Getting Started


For this year, I have been working with the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation (or “Snider Hockey”). Snider Hockey is a free hockey program that targets underserved youth and allows them access to the sport. Hockey is only the hook, however, as Snider Hockey also provides services such as homework help, college counseling, life skill development and more. The program works with children age 8 all the way through high school graduation and beyond. The organization has many rinks all throughout the Philadelphia area.

What has been great for me at my experience at Snider Hockey has been the fact that the organization has been in a period of expansion. They are focusing on the academic portion of the program, so I have been helping them develop manuals and curriculum for their various programs. I am also working on training their coaches in various life skill development areas, something that I had a lot of experience at before coming to GSE. I have been able to do work that I feel is meaningful to the organization while also stretching my research and other muscles that I did have not as much experience using before coming to the TLL MSEd. While I have yet to do direct work with students, I have met many of them and have seen them in action.

The matching process that I went through to get my internship could not have gone any better because, while I wanted to intern at a place that allowed me to develop in various areas, I never want to get away from the thrill of teaching and mentoring students. It has been perfect for me thus far and I look forward to telling you more as I undertake new projects and have new experiences with students!

-James Otwell


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